Python Experience

Elder scrolls inspired RPG made in Python using Panda3D

One of my forays into Python was using Panda3D to create a 3D RPG where the world consisted of blocks. It had custom physics and collision detection. It was not very good at all as I had just started programming so I really didn’t know what I was doing. However I learned a great deal about programming games on a lower level without an editor like Unity or Unreal. I have since used python countless times from writing programs for my Raspberry Pi using pygame to writing data converters because I needed to convert a file and there wasn’t an existing converter. Python is an amazing tool for those things. Not so much for writing games although that is mostly because of performance. It’s an amazing tool to have. Need to crop 1000 images? Write a little python script. Need to test a server or client? Use python to create a dummy server/client in a few lines. It’s one of the first languages I learned and I’m glad I did. The most advanced thing I’ve written in python would be a tool that allowed you to simulate card games. It had a python parser with custom syntax that allowed the user to write rules in a simple way and then simulate games being played. The program itself was also written in python using QT and the user code would run in a sandbox. It was fairly difficult to make my own syntax but it worked pretty well. Sadly I cannot show it here because I made it under contract.

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