Logic Pro Experience

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Currently I’m still actively learning how to use Logic Pro in combination with learning music theory. I use it to record songs I write. Mostly guitar, bass and vocal recording. Then I’ll add drums, mix it, master it, etc. I enjoy messing around with it a lot. And I prefer Logic Pro over other DAW’s but that’s just personal preference. Music for me is a very personal creative outlet and I very much intend to keep it a hobby. I find that if you take a hobby and make it your job or somehow implement it in your job, It stops being a hobby. I need music as a creative outlet where I can let everything go. I don’t need to please anyone, there are no deadlines, no expectations. I truly love doing it. Moreover I find that writing songs allows me to reflect on my feelings in a way nothing else can and I’m very appreciative of that. It helps me a lot.

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