Moon Lasers

Moon lasers is a Physics Puzzle Platformer based around a mechanic in which you can slice objects with lasers. The player must solve puzzles that will allow them to progress through the levels.

The game takes place on a fictional moon where an ancient civilization has left behind powerful artifacts. The player must solve puzzles to make it to the end and escape! The concept came from the idea of pointing laser pointers at the moon. What if you laser was actually powerful enough to slice the moon? How can I make a game out of this? I ended up going with the idea of making it a physics based puzzle platformer where you use lasers to slice objects and progress. Totems (as seen here on the right) are used as check points. If you slice the gem on top the level resets and you get placed back at the totem. This was added so that you can’t get stuck. As it’s a physics based game where you alter objects it is possible for the player to get stuck in an unsolvable state. It would be frustrating if they had to restart all the way at the beginning of the level. The totems work well for this purpose and fit nicely within the world and lore.

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