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In this 4 week project the goal was to create an experience that bridged 2 worlds using AR or VR technologies. Our team (Consisting of 4 people) made an AR tower defense game where 1 person is in the center, they’re wearing a Quest 2 headset with AR passthrough enabled. A second person is not in AR and has a broom. It starts in a build phase where the player in AR place crates to build defenses around them. When they’re done the fight stage begins. In the fight stage the person in AR has to instruct the person with the broom where the enemies are so they can kill them. Practically it works in a somewhat wizard of oz way. Where the game has to be managed by 2 people while 2 other people are playing. One person will give the crates and take them away when needed. And the other is at a computer connected to the game in the Quest 2 through PUN2. The computer has an Admin UI where they can kill the enemies and adjust building heights based on what the players are doing.

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