2D Platformer Game Feel Experiment

I made this for a class called Game Feel. In which we had to take the unity platformer example project and improve the game feel. I started by overhauling the character controller. I basically ended up building a new one from scratch because the existing one was not very good. After that I started implementing things like cayote time, dust particles, better animations, kill splatters, jump buffers, etc. to improve the feel as much as I could. I implemented cinemachine and added some impact shakes to improve the weightiness. We only had 4 weeks and it was an individual project. I added a menu that I thought would be inviting and some settings for the audio levels. Lastly I gave it a cyberpunk theme to make it more visually appealing. This was a fun project and I really enjoyed exploring all the different ways of improving game feel and making things feel weighty. You can check it out here.

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