Portable Wii/GameCube

A portable Wii, with GameCube controller built in. This was a really fun project that took me a month or so to complete. I wanted to build a portable Wii (like many people had already done) but with real GameCube controls. Because I wanted to full analog triggers. This did make the device a lot more chonky however that chonkiness allowed me to also put more batteries in it and it will play games for about 4-5 hours on 1 charge. I really recommend checking out bitbuilt.net it’s an amazing resource for portabilizing consoles.

This was probably the most difficult soldering I’ve ever done but it all ended up working out great so I’m really pleased with that. It contains 4 18650 Lithium-ion cells and a circuit to charge them using USB-C. It has 2 IR leds on the front that allow you to use regular Wii controllers as well when playing Wii games. When playing GameCube games no extra hardware is needed. I don’t actually use it all that much but it was a really fun project so I don’t mind.

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